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How Meditation and Self-Awareness are Good for You

A key step on this path to warm fuzziness is indeed a kind of austere detachment–a cool appraisal of your own emotions that involves dropping your instinctive labeling of them as “good” or “bad,” and allows you to see them, … Continue reading

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The importance of meaning in life

This uniqueness and singleness which distinguishes each individual and gives a meaning to his existence has a bearing on creative work as much as it does on human love. When the impossibility of replacing a person is realized, it allows … Continue reading

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Writing, Promotions and how it ties into Self-Worth

I read a few striking things today in my spare time. They were interesting in their own right and subject, but they all tied back to a philosophy or way of living that I’ve been reading and thinking a lot … Continue reading

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Learning about Business from Family and Friends during Christmas Break: Part 2

I want to recount a few business-related stories from my Christmas vacation at home with family. Two uncles from my Dad’s side, the eldest and the fourth oldest sibling (my Dad is the 2nd eldest), were coming with their families … Continue reading

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Procrastinator’s Digest

What follows are my key takeaways from Timothy Pychyl’s The Procrastinator’s Digest: A concise guide to solving the procrastination puzzle. I highly recommend the book, but for your benefit, my personal sparknotes are below: Understanding Procrastination When people are procrastinating, … Continue reading

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